July 4, 2016

Lander Ground segment

The ROSETTA LANDER GROUND SEGMENT is composed of two entities:

The Science Operation and Navigation Centre (SONC), located at CNES in Toulouse (France), in charge of overall Rosetta Lander Navigation and science co-ordination including:

  • Data retrieval & supervision,
  • HouseKeeping and Science data processing,
  • HouseKeeping and Science data display,
  • Lander Science Operation scheduling,
  • Lander Science Monitoring,
  • Lander status & operations reporting,
  • Landing site selection: trajectory computation, landing location uncertainties, illumination, slopes,
  • Assistance to the landing site selection process,
  • Orbital events calculation and provision,
  • Lander attitude & position determination after landing,
  • Data Archiving,
  • 3D visualisation.

More detailed information about the SONC.

The Lander Control Centre (LCC), located at DLR/MUSC in Cologne (Germany), in charge of Rosetta Lander operations including:

  • Supervision of the lander through telemetry and analysis processing,
  • Commanding the Lander,
  • Managing Rosetta Lander Resources and providing SONC with the resource envelope for the scientific operations,
  • Operating and maintaining the Lander ground reference model,
  • Providing subsystem suppliers with processed telemetry data,
  • Providing PIs with payload raw or processed data (on PI request only and in co-ordination with SONC),
  • Coordinating Rosetta Lander operation activities with Rosetta operation centres and subsystem suppliers,
  • Archiving all information (telemetry, telecommand, auxiliary data...) received or sent from the LCC,
  • Maintaining Rosetta Lander platform and payload operations know-how.

More detailed information about the LCC.

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