November 7, 2014

Multimedia Gallery


The Lander Control Center (LCC).

The Science Operation and Navigation Center (SONC).

A few images taken by Rosetta


  • The Rosetta trajectory from launch to Lutetia asteroid fly-by (~ 88.7 Mb)
  • The Rosetta trajectory from launch to the third Earth swing-by (~ 31.5 Mb)
  • Rosetta going through the van Allen belts during Earth swing-by 3 (~ 17 Mb)
  • Osiris cameras aiming Europe at the end of Earth swing-by 3 (~ 1.9 Mb)


Rosetta Mission: landing on a comet, Download the podcast (In French, ~34 Mb)
Philippe GAUDON Rosetta mission Cnes project manager with David Fossé journalist at Ciel & Espace.

E-Space&Science bulletin

Desperately seeking POM

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